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4 years ago ...

... the podcast was launched in French.

I am glad to share with you its English little brother!

Almost 4 years ago, the podcast "échappées libres" was launched in French language. 

What does "Échappées libres" mean?

In French, "une échappée" is an escape route, a path that is out of the ordinary, that goes beyond the routine.

"Libres" means to be free.

The idea of the podcast is to share with you ideas to escape your daily routine, in order to be free, to find your own way and to live life to the fullest.

The hobby experience becomes autotelic, an end in itself and all thoughts of success or failure disappear.

Amateurs share with us what their hobbies are. Their opinion is not subordinate to anything, it is neither truncated nor interested. There is no financial stake, no concern for social success or pragmatic efficiency in their remarks.

Unfettered nor constrained, the guests practice this fully chosen and autotelic activity during their spare time.

Some talk about it with passion, others with pragmatism, and many associate it to their life path.

One thing is certain: this hobby allows them to escape from the everyday life.


What about you, what do you do when you are off duty?

Audio podcast available on Amazon podcasts, Apple podcasts, Deezer, Google podcasts, Podcast addict (the app), Podcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify and above

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